Art Class Adventures

Nurturing your child's creativity and bringing the beauty of their imagination to life! 



You are invited to a fifty minute art & movement session, providing a balance of performing and visual art to inspire kids from age 2 - 5. 

Creating colourful artworks and moving all about the room...perfect for keeping the toddler entertained. 

They will have experienced a range of fine and gross motor skills and produced their very own mini-masterpiece!




Your child will be taken through a range of art experience and taught a variety of skills that will enable them to produce a high quality masterpiece of their own.

Exploring both past and current artist as inspiration, they will be able to develop their own personal style. 

With access to a fabulous gallery within the studio complex, students will  be gain an in-depth view of many current contemporary artist works. 

Holiday Workshops

Two hour art sessions focusing on a particular style of art run throughout the year. Painting your own abstract acrylic master piece, drawing a stunning single line creation, or weaving wooden wall hangings are just some of the topics you can learn more about in our workshops sessions.

The Beauty in You 

 THE FOX BOX Art Academy runs sessions that aim to inspire people to see beauty in themselves and the world around them, encouraging them to use their imagination through creative art & craft activities, and equip them with skills to produce high quality artworks. 


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