Me-Time Monday

Take some time for yourself and join us for a little bit of creativity on a Monday night! Come along for an hour each week over four weeks, and create your very own masterpiece. 

I'm in!

May Me-Time

Single Line Sketches

Learn a range of techniques to assist you in designing your own minimalist artwork from simple line drawing. 

July Me-Time

Abstract Acrylic 

Explore a variety of painting styles and stokes to create a beautiful painting in colourful acrylics. 

Sept Me-Time

Stamp Creations 

Have fun experimenting with water colours. Play with different ways to paint and combine your pieces to create a watercolour work of art!

Art Retreat  

A fabulously fun day of art craft and food! A day off just for you to enjoy, relax, create, and explore! 



Two hour art sessions focusing on a particular style of art run throughout the year. Painting your own abstract acrylic master piece, drawing a stunning single line creation, or weaving wooden wall hangings are just some of the topics you can learn more about in our workshops sessions.

My Business in a Box

Join me as I take you, step by step, through building an art business. I'll share all the tips, tricks and secrets I learnt setting up my own little arts biz, so you can do the same.


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