The Fox Box Creative Arts Workshops

"Create Something Beautiful" 

Our art workshops are run over a one or two hour session where your child will focus on one specific style of art and create their very own master piece. 


Abstract Acrylic

Create your own canvas masterpiece with a guide to colour, painting techniques with acrylics. 

Single Line Sketches

You can create your own amazing art work with just a few simple lines, if you know the secrets we share in our simple sketching workshop! 

Watercolour Wonders

No prior experience with watercolour necessary required for this class. You just get to have fun, play with colour and experiment with the techniques I share in this class to paint a wonderful work of art.

Painting with Scissors

Create a range of fabulous shapes and patterns using a 'Henri Matisse' style approach to art! Explore different colour, texture and shape to create your own colourful creation from paper and card. 

Beautiful Bookshelf

Turn a fabulous wooden doll house into a designer book shelf all your own...of keep using it as a doll house if you choose. Fun for every age, exploring the world of paint and washi tape! 

Fabric & Fashion

You can design your own tote bag, create you own funky shoes, decorate a t-shirt, stencils designs onto napkins or table clothes, or even fabric paint your own tee-pee. Our choices of fun with fabric are many. 


Capturing the beautiful colours of the changing seasons, this workshop is open to children ages 5 - 15.  Held at ZUDIS studio space in Mentone it is the perfect colourful backdrop to get creative. 

If you're looking for an activity to add some excitement to these April holidays, mark 11:30am, Monday 15th April in your diary! Send them along on a 90min "Autumn Colours Collaging Adventure". Using all different paper cutting techniques they'll experiment with a range of styles to create their own collage masterpiece. Let them come and make a mess at someones else place! They have the fun and you don't have the stress! They'll take home a framed artwork, ready to hang and admire.


Yes! Let's book.

FREE 30 min holiday art class - ZUDIS Mentone  

Bring you child along for 30 mins of fun at a mini-masterclass in art, while you enjoy browsing the fabulously colourful homewares and fashion of ZUDIS in Mentone!  10:30am Monday 15th April. 


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