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Nurturing your child's creativity and bringing the beauty of their imagination to life! 

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Art Classes

The Fox Box art classes run each Monday afternoon in the beautiful relaxed G3 Art Space Studio in Parkdale. Here your child's creativity can be nurtured, they can learn new skills, be inspired and have fun turning imagination into masterpieces. Come along and have some fun experiencing the adventure of art. 


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""As a mum of two beautiful children with Asperges, classes at The Fox Box create a world of freedom, independence, creativity and self belief for my kids that they CAN achieve anything they dream of! There is no box of limitations that traps them in, just a bright and cheerful space that allows them to be them!" "


"I’ve never had my art framed before. I feel like a real artist now."

student at The Fox Box

"The Fox Box workshops are fun, relaxed, and full of helpful tips. Helen provided the perfect environment that made me realise anyone can become an artist. Her sessions allow you to explore your inner creativity. I loved that my mini masterpiece was created in just one workshop! "

Workshop participant


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