"Create something beautiful!"

Art sessions that aim to inspire people to see beauty in themselves and the world around them, encouraging them to use their imagination through creative art & craft activities, and equip them with skills to produce high quality artworks. 

Our art sessions...

Art Classes

Art classes in a beautiful relaxed space where you can be inspired, learn new skills and experience the adventure of art. 

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Me-time Monday

Take some time for yourself and join us for a little bit of creativity and fun on a Monday night! 

I'll join the fun!


Art session that guide you through  painting, crafting and creating a masterpiece of your very own! 

workshop topics

Commissioned art work

If you would like to commission a unique, custom made artwork for your home,  or want us to help you create your own masterpiece Helen would love to assist you! 




Art Challenge

Want to take part in one of our online art challenges? Five challenges, five minutes, five days... 



My Business in a Box

Join me as I take you, step by step, through building an art business. I'll share all the tips, tricks and secrets I learnt setting up my own little arts biz, so you can do the same.

""As a mum of two beautiful children with Asperges, classes at The Fox Box create a world of freedom, independence, creativity and self belief for my kids that they CAN achieve anything they dream of! There is no box of limitations that traps them in, just a bright and cheerful space that allows them to be them!" "


"I’ve never had my art framed before. I feel like a real artist now."

student at The Fox Box


Workshop participant


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