The Fox Box

If you want to nurture your kids creativity more, build their confidence, give them some fun down time, or just let them create the mess before their masterpiece somewhere other than your house, then The Fox Box art class adventures are for you!

The Fox Box is a small creative arts business, based in Parkdale, Australia, run by teacher, artist and mum, Helen Collins. She is passionate about using her extensive experience as an early childhood educator, primary school and special needs teacher, and love of art, to help kids and families enjoy creative time! Through a range of crafting adventures The Fox Box encourages everyone  to explore their imagination, learn a wide variety of craft skill and have fun creating high quality, stunning art works! The Fox Box offers art lessons and workshops for kids aged 2-13. Helen is passionate about creating a space were people can enjoy art, believe in themselves and create their very own masterpieces! 


If you'd like to chat more about the art class adventures on offer please call Helen on  0421049199.


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