Making Christmas More Mindful

Nov 21, 2018

Are you super excited about Christmas, the lights, the tree, the countdown, the fun... but at the same time slightly dreading the craziness, the chaos and the stress? Gifts, family, functions, and an overload of festivities can sometimes all feel like more madness than magic! How does calm, beautiful, special and fabulously fun sound?

Well, I'm a self declared Christmas crazy person! Yep, it's def one of my favourite times of the year! But I very much dislike how insanely busy and stressful it can get. So this year, in line with my "Slow Down and Enjoy" motto I embraced at the beginning of the year, I'm aiming for a more mindful Christmas season!

What will I change? How can you do it too? Does a more relaxed, meaningful and enjoyable Christmas sound good? Well, I'll going to share my 4 goals with you (and if you follow me on insta you'll be able to keep tabs on how it all goes!) But this is the plan and I hope it can be helpful to you too:

Focus on Kindness  

A few years ago,...

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Creating Happy Hearts Through Art

Sep 07, 2018

So often I hear people say, "Oh, I'm not creative", or "My child's not the creative type". We can be quick to dismiss 'creativity' in ourselves and others because we have a view that if we can't paint a 'van Gogh' we aren't good at art. Allowing our children to have some creative time, regardless of the outcome, can play a huge part in their happiness.

I truly believe that art can help out kids be happy! 1 in 4 young people these days suffer from anxiety. There are so many pressures on both us and our kids in the craziness of life. Taking time to just explore, create, and "be" is so important. 

Recently I watch an interview on the Today show about raising resilient kids. They interviewed Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project. Having had a very similar experience to him, myself and teacher and having done volunteer work in Kenya, I could very much relate to what he was saying. Three main things he identified as what we need for happiness: 


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