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Making Christmas More Mindful

Nov 21, 2018

Are you super excited about Christmas, the lights, the tree, the countdown, the fun... but at the same time slightly dreading the craziness, the chaos and the stress? Gifts, family, functions, and an overload of festivities can sometimes all feel like more madness than magic! How does calm, beautiful, special and fabulously fun sound?

Well, I'm a self declared Christmas crazy person! Yep, it's def one of my favourite times of the year! But I very much dislike how insanely busy and stressful it can get. So this year, in line with my "Slow Down and Enjoy" motto I embraced at the beginning of the year, I'm aiming for a more mindful Christmas season!

What will I change? How can you do it too? Does a more relaxed, meaningful and enjoyable Christmas sound good? Well, I'll going to share my 4 goals with you (and if you follow me on insta you'll be able to keep tabs on how it all goes!) But this is the plan and I hope it can be helpful to you too:

Focus on Kindness  

A few years ago, when we first celebrated Christmas with a baby in the house, I wanted to start a little tradition that would be fun and thoughtful at the same time. I wrote a little poem and made a small beg doll angel. This became Archie the Angel! The idea is that Archie helps you do kind acts for others leading up to Christmas. This year, with both my little ones more aware of the Christmas countdown my goal is to put lots of focus on helping Archie the Kindness Angel. Each day we'll choose something fun to do for someone else...so look out, maybe an Archie Angel Acts of Kindness could come your way.   


Practice Gratitude 

Last year my Advent calendar was 24 photos from the year just gone. The kids flipped over one of the photos each day. I was blown away by their excitement and joy at remembering. It inspired us to be grateful for the things that have happened during the year.

I like to keep my calendars different each year so I haven't done this one again....but it truly was SO much fun, and such a good way to practice gratitude. This year it won't be our Advent calendar but I will print some pics up from the year as it's a beautiful way for us all to look back and appreciate the people, places and things we are thankful for. 

Enjoy the Moment

A rocky-road Christmas tree is one tradition our family has never missed! The making of it and eating of it are equally as fun! These moments are super special, but often the unplanned ones can be just as magical. I know I sometimes get caught up in making everything 'perfect' that I forget to enjoy what's going on. So the plan is to not worry too much about the mess, the perfect photo, the 'please everyone' pressure, and just choose to soak up the joy, be in the moment, notice the smiles, laugh at myself more, embrace the fun that the kids are having! When it's not a magical moment (coz lets be real, there will be tears in life at times), comfort each other and just love! Find a moment to stop and step away and breath each day. It makes all the difference. 


Keep it Simple

Sounds easy, but so quickly our calendar fills up with so much, lots of which we do because we feel we're 'expected to'.

So, what's important to YOU? Not to the rest of the world - you and your family? When you put up your tree, what traditions you have, which functions and festivities you want to be a part of. Talk about your priorities and expectations with your family - which things do you want to be a part of and why? Do the things that matter to you, skip the rest. Don't worry about others 'what you should be doing' opinions. My aim is to do a few fun things, the lights, carols, a craft day (how could I not) and a Christmas Eve party. I'm going to try not to do the "fit everything in" plan. Overload too easily become stressful. So, say no, plan a calendar and priorities, that's my plan.  

These are just my goals and how I'm going to try to keep the calm and  enjoy the sparkle in this Christmas Season more. If you want some other really fab ideas, check out Sarah Conways amazing blog on this topic! Her ideas are awesome! 

I've also popped a link on this page to a 'more mindful Christmas planner' you can print out and pop your own goals on if you like! 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season, however you choose to celebrate! 

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